Material guide

High Quality - Double Goldplating

When you buy a goldplated piece from HippieMe Jewelry you get quality. The pieces are 18 karat, double goldplated. This is the strongest and most durable goldplating you can get on the market. You can have the jewelry for years and you will not see any changes in the the gold. It is no problem to waer the jewelry in the shower or have a swim in the ocean.

However, we have a very different amount of acids in our skin. Some people will experience that the goldplatings vanishes faster because of the component of acids in their skin, but this is very rare. 


Clean the jewelry from time to time with a clean cotton piece that you are not afraid to ruin. You will be surprised by how much dirt gathers on the jewelry. This will make it look darker. Clean it of and your jewelry piece will look new and shiny again. 

Store in a dry box away from sunlight. 


Sterling Silver 925


If you wear silver jewelry everyday it will be cleand by itself. If you put it away in a box it can get tarnished. Cleaning advice follows below.

If silver jewelry gets tarnished, soak it in asolution of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tbsp.of baking soda. You should soak the item in the solution for between two to three hours. Don't be surprised if the solution fizzes! The clean it with a cotton pieces. 


General Advice

Store your jewerly in dark, dry places. Try keeping sunlight exposure to a minimum and brush up the gold with a soft cloth every now and then.